The World´s Largest Small Commodities Market: Made in China in Yiwu

Located in the central part of Zhejiang Province, spread over 105 sq km is Yiwu, the world’s largest small commodities market. Yiwu is a market economy miracle; a totally bottom-up phenomenon of traders converging in one single place to build a market. Indeed a market for the world’s traders to meet to buy and sell. There are today 11 specific commodities market with 14 streets designated to a single merchandize. The mart is found in a built up space of 4 million sq m: 620,000 booths, 16 categories of merchandize with 9,105 subclass and over 1.7 million kinds of different commodities. In addition, 180,000 brands and 6,000 general agents operate here. City officials say that if you stop by each booth for 3 minutes with an 8-hour visit in a day, it will take you 3 years to see all the display in Yiwu.

This county city of 2 million people serves both the world and China. It is described as the miracle of miracles in China’s recent economic upsurge; much credit goes to the entrepreneurial nature of the Zhejiang people and city officials for their support in creating and enhancing infrastructure to facilitate business exchange.


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