The Tianniang farm in Changsu returns to Organic Farming

China is an ancient agricultural country which practices sustainable cyclical farming; waste from animals and humans are decomposed and processed into valuable fertilizer for the plants. It is this agricultural practice that has nurtured the fertility of the soil in China and fed hundreds of millions of people. China, like other densely populated oriental countries has only less than 2 acres of arable land per capita, compared to 20 acres per capita in the USA. However, the wave of modernization and westernization has brought changes to this centuries-old practice and many farms are resorting to the faster mode of production using chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

There is a small group of Chinese farmers who stayed loyal to their ancient farming practice. Among them is the Chairman of Jiangsu Tianniang ‘s Gao Dehao江苏田娘董事长高健浩). Gao has worked in cyclical farming all his life and Tianniang is his latest venture in Changsu, Jiangsu Province. The company collects animal waste and plant stalks from around the city and bring them to the compost site to turn them into fragrant organic fertilizers. These fertilizers are sold to other farmers as well as used in his 6500 acre rice fields nearby. Tianniang turned waste into fertile input for the soil; and with support of good agricultural practice and technology provided by the research base of Nanjing university, he is able to produce high yielding rice crops from his fields. Tianniang also uses a modern distribution method in the sale of his organic rice; he invites companies and individuals to adopt his rice field. Each person who adopts the field will be issued a card to collect the rice produce from the nearby shop in the city. This way, his products are sold before they are harvested.

Gao was crowned National Farming Model by the Chinese Government.

目前,江苏田娘在其董事长高健浩的带领下,经过多年不懈地努力与奋斗,已成为专业机械化处理畜禽粪便、秸秆等农业固体有机废弃物,年产有机(类)肥料5万吨,同行业中规模最大的企业之一。在农业生产方面,田娘公司总种植面积已达6500多亩,实现了农业产业化发展与资源综合利用相融合,形成了肥业和农业的同步发展,全年收获粮食5330.1吨。由于生态种植的产品优质安全,田娘牌系列大米虽然价格偏高,但口感好,买了放心、吃得安全,市场销售异常火爆,受到了消费者的一致好评。同时,科技和生态种植融合的生产模式,使农产品[17.70 -3.12%]的附加值明显提高,增强了农民种植的积极性。江苏田娘带动江苏农业走绿色农村经济,生态农业经济,走出了一条中国农村绿色生态的可持续发展道路。


江苏田娘农业科技有限公司成立于2002年5月,原名常熟市常禾生物有机肥料有限公司,2004年初更名为常熟市共和生物技术开发有限公司, 2006年7月再次更名为江苏田娘农业科技有限公司。是一家集有机肥料、有机-无机复混肥生产、无公害、绿色、有机农产品产销于一体的特色农业科技企业。公司注册资金1000万元,占地600多亩,拥有完备的生产设施,具备年产系列有机肥料2万吨的能力。公司肥料登记证、生产许可证、计量认证等证照齐备。从原料进厂、处理、生产、检验、销售及售后服务各环节建有完善的管理体系,已通过ISO9001及ISO14001质量环境体系认证,现为江苏省测土配方施肥协会理事会员单位,苏州市首次有机肥料招标唯一中标单位,公司主要产品“田娘”牌有机肥料已通过有机产品认证,并被评为苏州市名牌产品。
公司依托南京农业大学技术力量,运用 “863”、“948”项目成果,采用优质有机原料精制而成。产品不仅养分含量高,还含有氨基酸以及铁、铜、锌、锰、硫等中微量元素,是一种完全元素肥料。具有肥效长,养分全,安全无公害的特点,能改善土壤团、粒结构,增强土壤保水、保肥能力,改善作物根际微生态环境,刺激根系生长,提高无机肥的利用率,改善农产品品质,增强农作物的抗性。广泛适用于粮棉油作物,果蔬、茶树、烟草等多种经济作物,以及花卉林木园艺作物,是无公害、绿色、有机生产的首选肥料。


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