Made in China Art: Shenzhen’s Dafen Art Village

Located in Buji, Longgang District of the southern city of Shenzhen, the Dafen Art Village has the highest concentration of artists or artistic workers in one single location on earth! This small village of 4 sq km with 300 original inhabitants has now been transformed into China’s leading reproduction base of oil paintings for export. Dafen produces more replicates than original works, there are more than 2,000 artists and 200 painting-ateliers with over 10,000 artists and apprentices generating an annual output of RMB 30 million. Artist Zhang Libing has painted more Van Goghs than Van Gogh ever did: Mr. Zhang estimates that he has painted up to 20,000 copies of Van Gogh’s works. Dafen was founded by a Hong Kong businessman who was attracted to the energy of the village people, so he brought artists from outside and set up a small studio back in 1989. Since then, Dafen has become a landmark known for its art and artistic reproduction of world famous works: art dealers from around the world come to Dafen. (


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