China’s Super Cities

In 2010, out of the 1.3 billion people in China, there are 100 million who are considered as Upper Middle Class and 500 million considered as Middle Class by the purchasing power parity calculation.

Urbanization: 47% of the consumption  is found in China’s urban centers which include the second- and third-tier cities. According to research by the Commonwealth Magazine of Taiwan—with an average growth of 10%, per capita GDP over USD 3,000, per capita annual spending over RMB 10,000 and over USD 10,000 at coastal cities such as Guangzhou and Inner Mongolia’s Erdos—there are 47 Super Cities in China.

Cities with per capita income over USD 10,000
14 cities with the total population of 100 million
City Per capita Population City Per capita Population
Erdos 19,672 1.63m Foshan 11,798 1.429m
Suzhou 15,646 6.33m Shanghai 11,357 12.91m
Shenzhen 13,581 2.599m Ningbo 10,833 7.19m
Guangzhou 13,006 3.648m Dalian 10,599 6.13m
Baoto 12,000 2.53m Weihai 10,256 5.76m
Daqing 11,906 2.8m Zhuhai 10,218 0.414m
Wuxi 11,885 6.2m Beijing 10,070 17.55m
Source: Commonwealth Magazine (May 19, 2010 issue)
China City Statistics Department

Right or wrong, this developmental approach will have tremendous repercussions on the world landscape. The Chinese in Chinese cities will remain the key show of the 21st century; how they live, work, play and consume. Knowing how to deal with the Chinese in their new national setting becomes a key to success for the 21st century professional.


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