China’s Champion Blogger Hanhan

An Icon of the New Generation: Champion Blogger Han Han

Who has the most hits on the internet? Yes, with over 400 million hits by August 15, 2010, he is a young Chinese born in 1982 and enormously popular among the post-80’s generation. Han Han did not go to college: he races car and write novels while single-handedly build a career and look after his family. Han was named a member of the future global leaders by US Time Magazine in 2009, he is currently the reining hero in China’s internet world.

Han began to blog in 2005: he writes on social and contemporary issues, reflecting on the state of the world, its policy and human behavior. His independent-thoughts: critical, provocative, unconventional and unpretentious revelations have won him a large following over the internet as well as sold millions of books and magazine copies. He is a prolific writer; his ground-breaking novel “Triple Door” sold 2 million copies to become the best selling literary work in the last 20 years in China’s history. Han is multitalented: he races professionally and won the 2007 China Circuit Championship. Han is also involved in music production. His debut album, R-18 (restricted to 18 and above), was released in September 2006 with self-composed lyrics.

After a long delay and a gestation period of about 18 months, the magazine published by Han hit the shelves on July 6, 2010. Titled Party (“Chorus of Solos” in Chinese), it  shot to the Number One position on within ten hours of going on sale. With the huge success of the magazine, Han has added another notch to his belt: editor and producer of a wildly popular magazine.


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